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21 December
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Hello LiveJournal World.

My name is James.

I'm an American native English speaker with some ESL teaching experience. Although I don't teach or tutor English learners for money anymore. I work as an importer and reseller instead. I only help English learners for free now.

My classroom teaching experience has mostly been with adult Spanish and Portuguese speaking students from Central and South American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala and El Salvador. However, I've also talked to English learners from all around the world online. I've been talking to foreigners online for probably about 6 years now. I've also traveled outside of the US a little bit. I literally communicate with foreigners every day.

I do have a college degree. But it isn't related to English or education. I've also done a lot of actual research on my own. I have a genuine interest in theories and applications related to English learning and the psychology of language learning. I am an advocate of autodidacticism and I use these concepts in my teaching methods.

This blog is mainly intended for Russians and Ukrainians, but all English learners are welcome. However, those of you who are viewing my blog from China will not be able to see all of the content that is posted due to internet censorship in China. YouTube videos can't easily be viewed from China.

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